Hochzeitsvideograf Hamburg

I’m Alper and I film weddings and other cool stuff for a living – because I just love creative storytelling.
Based in Hamburg, Germany, I travel all over the world for my clients to create their visual heritage.
So far I’ve been to jobs all over Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Turkey, Netherlands, Croatia and Panama, and I am always looking forward to more travel awesomeness in the future!

While on the job, I’m always in „ninja mode“, filming discreetly out of the background; many of my couples wonder „how the hell did you get that shot, you weren’t even there“, but I was. That’s how low-key I am. ;)
To be able to stay in ninja mode, I prefer not to bring big bulky equipment such as drones, cranes or heavy lighting gear, instead I keep it minimal.
When my small but powerful cameras and my way of seeing the world fuse, the magic happens. In addition, that is my way to guarantee that your guests won’t be bothered by my presence and might even think that I am „just a friend with a camera“.
Here’s the thing: Don’t expect me to deliver 90s style videos with cheesy directed scenes and shiny blur effects. Nope. I don’t do that!
Instead, look forward to getting your unique wedding films that are not only filled with lots of emotion, crisp audio, and superbe imagery, but also truly tell the whole story of your big day! :)

When I’m not filming or editing, I love spending time with my love, Paola, who is a wedding photographer herself, explore new countries and cultures, meet people, and make new friends! Please feel free to join me on my daily life adventures on Instagram.

Still want to know more about me?

Okay, here ya go. 5 funfacts:
1. I have two hairless sphynx cats.
2. I know 4 and a half languages (Turkish, German, English, Spanish, et un petit peut de francais)
3. I am a huuuuge specialty coffee lover and buy light-roast coffee beans from all the places I visit.
4. I usually stay up until really late and still get up very early. I guess, I love long days..
5. I have a teeny tiny sneaker-addiction. I just love me some comfy shoes!

If you like what you’ve read so far, I’d love to meet you! Just drop me a line and I will get back to you asap. :)

Thanks a lot!


Thanks to my buddy Till Gläser for the photo.