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From Singapore to Vienna

A few weeks ago, Adeline and Joel were travelling through Europe and decided that they wanted to get some wedding photos in Vienna during their stay in this beautiful city. After talking to Paola – my significant other and favourite wedding photographer in Vienna and everywhere else – and falling in love with her documentary style of taking pictures, they decided that they also needed a film to accompany the stills.

And that’s how I joined the equation. :)

We spend a lovely afternoon strolling through the old alleys of Viennas first district, taking in all the art nouveau goodness and architectural beauty the city has to offer. Of course we stopped here and there and took some pictures and filmed a bit.

It was really cute to hear how the two of them met and if you want to know more, just click play down below. :)

And if you want to see the pictures Paola took, just click here. :)