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Despacito, Despacito - Destination Wedding in Lima, Peru

I don’t even know where to start to describe this wedding in Lima, Peru. As nothing I could say would do it justice. Be it the truly bighearted people, the adventures we had while spending a week in Lima or the most epic wedding venue I’ve ever been to so far. It was just unreal.
But let’s turn back the hands of time a few months. It’s some random winter day and I’m chatting with my buddies Mat of Schneider’s Family Business and Paul and they were like „you know, we’re going to shoot a wedding in Peru“. Instantly I asked if they knew if their couple had already booked someone for the wedding film – and luckily for me, they hadn’t. Long story short, I skyped with Nadine and Kenny (who were just in the middle of moving from Germany to Canada) and boom. Got booked for not only my first wedding outside of Europe but also one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever had the pleasure of documenting.
It wasn’t only because of the emotions or the tears of joy – there were happy people everywhere and a venue that seemed to be coming straight from a fairytale.

It. just. had. it. all.

And don’t even get me started on the party, all I can and want to say is that it wasn’t despacito at all, even though that song played quite a few times that night…
Nuff said. Watch the film. Go.